Get ready..the phone is going to ring off the hook.

The simple answer is insurance companies that sell Medicare insurance products are vying for your business! They want you to buy their Medicare insurance plan, and other ancillary products like dental, final expense life insurance and long term care insurance.  Likelihood is you are a healthy 64 1/2 year old and they rely on that premium to turn into profit. Multiply that by the 10,000 – 15,000 thousand medicare eligible folks turning 65 years old every day in the US and that’s a ton of profit opportunity.

Big insurance companies spend millions on Medicare advertising.

Now the misery begins for you. The endless call center phone calls, the auto text messages, the glossy mailers from the usual suspects like AARP, Humana and Mutual of Omaha etc, etc. All this stuff that they spend millions of dollars on just to get you to pick up the phone, or return that mail card and give them your business. Worth noting that many of our clients unwittingly  threw their brand new red, white & blue Medicare card in the garbage because they thought is was just another advertisement for Medicare insurance. Yikes..

Best practices for signing up for Medicare.

So, what can you do? Well for starters you can clear all the clutter. Throw it away and find yourself a Medicare specialist. Doesn’t have to be us, although we would love to earn your business. That doesn’t mean go to your local State Farm or Nationwide insurance agent either. Those agents are experts in home & auto insurance, not Medicare. Alternatively, ask for a referral from somebody you know who has already signed up for Medicare. The most important thing to remember is am I dealing with an independent agent who is going to be there for me not just for the initial sign up, but all the future years to come. At some point your Medicare agent will have to shop the market to get you a more competitive premium for your policy.

Have questions about Medicare?

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